Balcony Glazing


A glazed balcony is the second living room of your home.

A glazed balcony provides additional space for your home, adding a place to rest. The glass protects the balcony from wind, rain, and snow, so the balcony remains a clean and pleasant place for spending time. The glass also keeps away the noise, for example, the street noise is reduced by up to half. A glazed balcony gets a new life.

Easy to use, safe and sturdy

Our balcony glazing is a Nordic balcony system with sliding glass panes having no vertical profiles; it suits well for both new and old and renovated buildings.

Easy to fully open and close, wash and maintain

The panes of our balcony glazing move in a single plane. When opening and closing the panes, they move between the top and bottom sliding guide. The glass panes are opened one by one by sliding them to the sidewall of the balcony so that the entire glazing is opened. This allows easy washing of the outside of the glass panes as well.

Easy to fully open and close
Easy to fully open and close
Easy to fully open and close
Easy to fully open and close
Safe and sturdy

Our balcony glazing is patented and has passed wind load, point load, and impact tests. The aluminum profiles and the sliding and opening mechanisms are made of weather-proof materials. Balcony glazing has a 10-year product warranty.

The panes are made of hardened safety glass. Balcony glazing conforms to the strict CE requirements prescribed in the EU Directive.

Durability testing
Reduces noise

In a closed position, the balcony glazing with standard gaskets provides noise reduction by more than 10 dB, i.e. effectively halving the street noise. In the room behind the balcony, the noise is reduced by about 25…26 dB.

Reduces noise
Reduces noise
Keeps warm in winter and protects from cold – this saves energy

Research shows that glazing the balconies of an apartment building can achieve an average of 5.9% energy savings.

Benefits of balcony glazing:
  • Well-thought-out water removal
  • Safe
  • Wind load resistance according to the standard EN 12211
  • Load resistance of the panes according to the standard SFS 3304
  • Impact resistance of the panes according to the standard EN 12600
  • Certified product
  • Our balcony glazing has received European technical approval ETA-10/0359
  • Handle on glass panes
  • Profiles have end covers
  • Finishing profile
  • Maintenance-free rollers
Technical data of glass panes:
  • Max. weight 60 kg
  • Max. width 1,000 mm (recommended dimension: 550 mm – 850 mm)
  • Max. height 2 m (for 6 mm glass); 3 m (for 10 mm glass)
  • Max. No. of panels 9 panels in parking (where the panels are slid together)
  • Glass thickness 6, 8, and 10 mm
  • Glass type hardened bright, toned, or matte safety glass

Technical data